Who is taking the pictures?  

We've been providing photography services in the Central Valley region since 2004.  Since we're locally owned and operated, we're not like any other corporate photography company.  We provide personal, professional service to every parent and every school we work with.

We always bring an assistant for safety and for efficiency.  We will not ask your staff to help with our sessions, or to help in selling our photographs.  We comb hair, clean noses, and retouch images, as needed.

What if a parent is not happy with their child's pictures?  

We provide proofs before orders are placed.  We take our time in cropping, editing, and retouching the images before we present you with proofs.  You can expect to receive the proofs within about 2 weeks after the shoot.

What happens if a child misses picture day?  

Because of time constraints, we are unable to return to the school for retakes.  We're happy to work with parents to set up a meeting at another location.  Please share Lori's email address (Lori@LilAngelsCentralValley.com) with parents so they can set up an appointment with us directly.

Can a parent or family member order additional pictures later?  

Absolutely!  Please let us know within 3 months of your photo shoot if you need to order additional prints, and we'll send you a special link to place your order. 

What other photo services do you provide?  

We offer class group pictures, individual staff portraits, staff group pictures, and staff ID cards.  

When will our pictures arrive?  

Your prints will be delivered to your child's school about 2 weeks after the order deadline.

What is the cost to my facility?  

There is absolutely no cost to you or your school for us to provide this much-appreciated service to parents.  Parents are under no obligation to pay for our services. 

How long does the photo session take?  

We are specially trained to work with preschool-aged children.  We photograph them early in the day, when they're clean and fresh, and - although we take our time so that we can capture relaxed, no-pressure photos - we do not dawdle.  We want our presence in your school to be as little a disruption as possible.  

Will our staff need to be available to help you?  

Our staff and assistants are on-hand to make the sessions as safe and as hands-off for you and your staff as possible.  

Do you offer discounts on staff pictures, and pictures of staff's children?  

Yes!  As our thanks for having us in your facility, we're happy to extend discounted packages to staff and their children.  Please ask us for more information about this.

We love your work! Do you offer referral discounts?   

Yes!  We’re happy to extend a discount offer to you in exchange for your referral to other schools or child-related facility.  Please email Lori so we can customize a discount that works best for you.

What area do you serve?  

We serve all of the Central Valley, from Bakersfield to Madera, and everywhere in between!